Friday, April 1, 2016

April's Foot of the Month

BERNINA'S Foot of the Month: 3-Soled Walking Foot

This month BERNINA is offering 25% off foot #50: the triple sole walking foot. The triple sole walking foot is a MUST-HAVE for all your quilting and sewing needs. Let foot #50 help you make working with challenging fabrics a breeze. Whether it's matching stripes and plaids, or working with fabrics that shift easily, the walking foot is your go-to. 

The #50 walking foot comes with three soles for all your sewing needs: a standard sole, a specialized quilting sole, and a sole with a central guide--perfect for edgestitching and stitching in the ditch. 

With a right and left side seam guide included as well, you'll be sure to have perfect seams each and every time. 

Check out BERNINA's video tutorial to see the triple sole walking foot in action!